Why you should exhibit with us:

What happens when you advertise on the radio or newspaper? Most often the answer is, "i'm not sure". Are you positive that the market your trying to connect with, even heard or seen your ad? Again, the answer usually is, "I don't know". At HIS & HERS, we bring "YOUR TARGET MARKET" to you! And all you have to do is show up and promote your products and services.

We work with advertising specialists to make sure our event is seen and heard of with an extensive advertising campaign. Our media sponsors give us great additional coverage to make sure 'YOUR TARGET MARKET" is going to come. Our event not only gives you the opportunity to get noticed but gives you the opportunity to sell, meet new clients and offer on-site prize draws which allows you to receive future marketing opportunities, days and months after the event is over.

Show Times: 10am-4pm May 5th 2018

Please contact Show coordinator for your exhibitor package


Natural Touch weddings +events
Phone: 250-860-8929

Email: melissa.naturaltouch@gmail.com  Or Cassy.naturaltouch@gmail.com 

Show Management

Melissa Sinclair – Show Owner and Producer

Cassy Berdahl- Show organizer and Coordinator