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Special guest Speakers

Sleep Expert-Pam Nease 


Sue Musleh-Relationship Counsellor and Educator  

 Do you have issues with your child when it comes to bedtime? Or maybe your little one wakes up through-out the night? Are you not getting enough sleep? If you said, yes, to any of this, then you don't want to miss Babies in Bloom-2018 this year. Our guest speaker-SLEEP EXPERT-Pam Nease will be on-location and giving in-sight to how to fix this problem.

Pam Nease
Founder and Shh...E.O. of Pam Nease Sleep

Renowned Pediatric Sleep Consultant Pam Nease and her Dream Team have been assisting families across the globe overcome infant and child sleep deprivation since 2009. She is a sought after and entertaining speaker who educates and empowers parents to help their children get the quality sleep they need.

In over 8 years of full-time sleep consulting, Pam Nease has personally mentored over a thousand families - from newborn babies to 10-year-old children - learn the vital life skill of independent sleep. She is a founding member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, as well as a proud member of the National Sleep Foundation.

While commonly referred to as “sleep training”, Pam believes in teaching children and their families the important life skill of healthy, restorative sleep using loving, simple, practical and FUN solutions.

Based in Kelowna BC, with associates in Canada and the USA, Pam Nease Sleep has a growing local & international clientele which ranges from single parents to Family Physicians, Nurses, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Lactation Consultants, Doulas, NHL Hockey Players, and Celebrities.

Pam and her team of Sleep Angels meet with clients in person, via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or over the phone. Group Seminars, Private Group Workshops, and Overnight Sleep Nanny Packages are also available.

For more information, visit: pamneasesleep.com

Join Pam at the stage area at 11am and 1pm.


Strengthen your Relationship for Parenting. 

Healthier Couples = Healthier Families. 

Ever wonder how having a baby impacts your marriage/relationship? Research shows that 69% of couples experience a significant decline in relationship satisfaction and a significant increase in conflict in the first 3 years after having a baby. Research also shows that learning more about what to expect, strengthening your connection, and learning better communication and conflict regulation skills can help avoid being one of these negative stats, as well as creates the best environment for your baby’s healthy development. One of the best things you can do for your baby is have a healthier relationship with your partner.

Join Sue for a brief presentation at Babies in Bloom to learn more about how having a baby impacts your relationship and how the Bringing Baby Home (BBH) workshop she teaches can help you strengthen your relationship as you ride the waves of new parenthood. Ideal for those thinking about starting a family, already pregnant or in the first 3 years postpartum.

Sue Musleh, M.Ed. RCC, Dip. ADED is a counsellor and educator who teaches the Gottman BBH Workshop for new couples.  Having worked with many couples as they transition to parenthood, having a background working in reproductive mental health, as well as being the happily married mom of an ctive and thriving 11-year old boy, Sue is a skilled and experienced guide to help you navigate the transition to parenthood. “I’m passionate about helping couples develop the skills they need to face the transition to parenthood head on. It is exciting to be bringing this program to Kelowna as healthier
couples means healthier families contributing to a healthier community”. Sue Musleh, M.Ed. RCC.

For more info about Sue, her services, or the Gottman BBH Workshop please visit www.muslehcounselling.ca.

Join Sue on stage at noon. 

Plant a seed station with Nannysitter.


Meet, hear stories and learn to hula with Moana

Thanks to C.S.T Consultants INC, you can privately change your babies diaper or have a comfy spot to feed in our lounge area. Complete with beautiful chairs, LED stools and a coloring station for big sis or bro, who is patiently waiting. 


Pick your own grand prize. We understand that not all families are at the same stages. What may seem like an awesome prize to one family, may seem inconvenient to another. That's why, we are offering three choices and IF you win, you pick which one you want. 

1) Family trip for 4 to the Vancouver Aquarium with a night stay.

2) Spa gift card for mom to be pampered

3) Toys R Us gift card to purchase whatever you may need for your little ones or nursery. 

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